Key finding: Computer simulations and visualization show the consequences of our choices.


Key to the goals of SERI-Fire is assessing how fire, ecosystems, and hydrology affect one another.  To accomplish this, the Regional Hydroecologic Simulation System (RHESSys) has been coupled with fire spread and fire effects models to create RHESSys-Fire.


A central goal of SERI-Fire is to better understand and predict the interactions among fire, ecosystems, climate, and people. To fully capture these interactions, RHESSys-Fire has been coupled with a socio-economic fuels treatment model to create RHESSys-Salience.  RHESSys-Salience accounts for the linkages and interactions between both human and natural systems.

model linkages
Linkages between RHESSys (biophysical model), RHESSys-Fire (fire model), and the socio-economic fuels treatment model.


SERI-Fire aims to use the wealth of modeling tools and results to produce compelling and informative visualizations.  Visualization is a key component of the SERI-Fire project and allows us to better communicate some of the complex processes that are critical to why and how we model fire across human and natural systems.

Interactions between tree roots and water yield in thinned forests. (by Ethan Turpin)


Turpin watercolor
Conceptual art, with preliminary designs for future computer-based visualization efforts. (by Ethan Turpin)